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There are many instances in which mobile patrols can be advantageous, and they are often a more efficient and effective alternative to having a security guard stationed in one spot, or at several spots on-site. With a number of benefits, should you choose a mobile patrol to meet your security needs?


To help you answer that question, below are 5 of the top benefits of mobile patrols:

  1. They act as a more effective crime deterrent

All mobile patrols are made up of patrolling guards in uniforms, and often, they travel in marked cars, too. This makes them a lot more noticeable when they’re carrying out patrols, leaving criminals or anyone considering carry out unlawful activities, in no doubt as to whether they’d get away with it or not.


  1. Mobile patrols can carry out surveillance on more than one location

On foot, on bicycles or in cars and vans, mobile patrols can move around and check out more than one location and area, routinely monitoring them and making it virtually impossible for criminals to infiltrate their rotating patrols.


  1. They’re cost effective

In some instances, you might not need a permanent security guard, and may not be able to afford it, either. If you choose mobile patrols over a permanent guard, you can save money by choosing when you want additional protection and paying only for the security services you use.


Because a mobile patrol service can be allocated to watch over certain areas of your business (or home), you may be able to drastically reduce the expense associated with break-ins, thefts and vandalism, and if your business has been the target of criminal activity, you’ll know how costly these can be.


  1. Mobile patrolscan keep your employees safe

Able to double up as staff escorts, mobile patrols can keep your employees safe and protected as they travel to and from work, or on business related journeys in the area. This may be especially important in certain industries that may make your workers more vulnerable.


  1. Mobile patrols can respond quicky to emergencies

Mobile and able to reach various locations within minutes, if you sound the alarm, the security guards in a mobile patrol can be there and protecting you in next to no time, and may even reach you before the police do. With their training on fire safety, emergency evacuation planning and knowledge of health and safety strategies, they can keep you as safe as possible, no matter the threat or incident.


On the move and keeping local criminals on their toes, mobile patrols can offer you, your home and your business a unique brand of visible, cost-effective protection.

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