At Code 4 Private Security, our range of comprehensive security services are guaranteed to give you the protection and security you need. With expertise and experience in an array of industries, including commercial security, each qualified and skilled armed security officer in our dedicated team, is fully trained to handle all your security requirements, no matter how big or small. 

So, if you’re in California and looking for high class, professional security services to protect your commercial premises around the clock, we’ve got exactly the right commercial security service to meet your needs. 

Read on to know more about our commercial security services and exactly what benefits you can gain from hiring one (or a team) of our highly skilled guards:

The importance of commercial security:

Corporate buildings are the hub of all businesses, and because of their importance, they deserve the highest level of protection, at all times. When you work with the expert team of security professionals at Code 4 Private Security, we’ll keep your business safe from the risk of burglaries, trespassing, vandalism and personal attacks, with our armed and unarmed guard services. 

Whether you’re an employee at work in a corporate building, or the owner of a business, a theft, attack or breach of security can be an extremely stressful event, and they’re typically unpredictable; sometimes occurring during business hours, while at other times, happening after-work when only cleaning teams are present. Businesses and individuals who’ve suffered in this way can feel the devastating effects for months, even years afterwards; with this in mind, isn’t it time that you gave you and your employees the commercial security they deserve?

Commercial security the Code 4 Private Security way:

Open 24 hours a day and every day of the week, every member of the Code 4 Private Security team is fully licensed, bonded and qualified to perform their role to the best of their ability. Covering all types of commercial and corporate properties, whether vacant, under renovation, awaiting rental or sale, our friendly and knowledgeable advisory team will help you select the appropriate level of protection for your commercial security needs. With budget friendly options that do NOT compromise on quality, when you approach us to help keep your commercial premise safe and secure at all times, we’ve more than got you covered. 

With armed and unarmed guards, uniformed or plainclothes patrols in cars or on foot, K9 protection or even with the use of drones, there’s no security concern we can’t help you address and tackle with ease and confidence. Whether you want a high level of visible protection, or something wholly undercover and discreet but no less effective, our comprehensive commercial security services will enable you to comfortably manage your business, while we keep you, your employees and your goods, 100% secure. 

Our Commercial Security Guards:

With a strong code of ethics adhered to at all times by every member of our qualified team of security experts, you can rely us to put your security first, no matter what your business. Trained in all the latest methods of protection, and with the verbal skills to address and deal with others appropriately should a confrontation or security issue arise, our guards are consummate professionals who will proudly and confidently protect your commercial enterprise. 

Whether you need a foot or vehicle patrol, armed or unarmed guards, a K9 dog handler or a drone, nothing is more important than protecting what you own, and with our level of commercial security protection, your corporate building will be safe and sound around the clock.

How does the commercial security process work?

Once we receive an email or phone call requesting our commercial security service, we will reach out to you by whichever manner is most convenient (you can advise us of this when you make initial contact with our team), and arrange to visit the site in question to perform a comprehensive and detailed security assessment. 

No two organizations are the same, and at Code 4 Private Security, nobody understands this better than us. We know that your commercial security needs will be specific to your company, and as such, we never make any assumptions about the level and amount of security you might require. Only once we have met with you and discussed your needs in detail will we make any recommendations for our commercial security services, and only when you are satisfied with all elements of the contract that we’ll go on to prepare for you, will we ask you to sign it.


With every member of our security team fully licensed and insured to provide a wealth of skilled and reliable security services to customers in California, our range of security personnel are standing by, ready to protect you. Whether you’re looking for unarmed guard foot patrols to deter would-be criminals, patrol car services to keep your property and neighborhood safe, K9 services to detect narcotics or explosives, a private investigator to help you get hard evidence for court proceedings, or a commercial security service to protect your corporate building, we’ve got a solution guaranteed to meet your needs.

Our competitive pricing and security packages are designed to give you the best quality protection and support, without costing you the Earth. Set prices are difficult to quote as this depends upon the extent of security you require, but while each scenario is different, one thing you can depend on, is our commitment to affordability without compromising on quality.

Absolutely! Every armed and unarmed guard, patrol car operative, K9 service unit member, drone pilot, private investigator and commercial security officers fully insured and licensed to carry out their service. Additionally, each member of our security team must pass strict background checks and undergo drug testing before even being considered for employment. So, you can rest assured that your safety is in good hands when you use any of our services, and that every guard, patrol car operative, dog handler, drone pilot and commercial security officer is legitimate and qualified.

Because we only ever use the most qualified armed and unarmed guards – not to mention drone pilots, patrol cars, private investigators and dog handlers – and have a large team at our disposal, we’re able to match you up with guards who have training and experience in your specific industry, such as commercial security, giving you the ultimate in tailored, ultra-reliable security. Whatever your industry, or whatever the situation, we’ve got an expert solution that will give you the very best protection.

So, if you’re looking for the highest and most professional level of commercial security, talk to our knowledgeable team today, and get the security you need. 

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