Installation of security measures including fencing, CCTV cameras, biometric authentication is all good but cannot function seamlessly without the presence of an authority figure such as manned guards. Manned guards are the first layers of security that ensure that only authorized personnel and items enter the compound of the building.

Here are a few reasons why manned guards are necessary for security:

Prompt Response and reporting

Manned guards are always on the lookout for any anomaly that may occur in the security system. They can immediately notice and report any flaw to higher management that can get it fixed as soon as possible. Moreover, manned guards aid the individuals who are allowed inside the premises to navigate through the area with ease. Often, the manned security has to work with authorities and have a clear picture of how to proceed after perpetrators have been caught.

Curbing criminal activity

When individuals with criminal intent try to devise a plan to enter the site, a manned security team deters their confidence as thieves and burglars avoid thoroughly secured sites. The presence of manned guards induces a physiological effect that the premises are reinforced with the best possible security. Manned guards are experts in observing anything unusual and come in handy to catch hold of anyone trying to escape after the alarm is raised.


Manned guards offer a sense of security to the people present inside the premises. They know that the guards are adept at taking care of any problem that could be troublesome for the business and the staff. Rather than worrying about the intrusion, the employees can safely work and give their best to grow your business. Manned guards hold ample experience in pacifying the people and making them feel secure and confident.

Security Management

Manned guards are proficient in overseeing the security measures installed inside your premises. They can manage any minor problems that may arise in these security systems and request maintenance whenever required. Most intrusions are executed at night and having a manned guard workforce active at night and monitoring the premises can save you from such mishaps.


As mentioned above, manned security is an indicator of a well-secured compound that is impenetrable without facing repercussions. Manned security helps you carry out your business during the day and have a peaceful sleep at night because you know that someone reliable is always looking after your security.

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