Mobile patrol services offer a range of benefits, and while a static security presence can be effective, they’re simply unable to compete with a mobile patrol that offers the ultimate in security and protection.


Whether you hire a mobile patrol service that conducts their work in vehicles or on foot, they have a whole host of advantages when compared to static security guards, some of which can be found below:


Mobile patrol services act as a visible deterrent for criminals

Having a mobile patrol service means that anyone moving in and around the perimeter of your premises – or even traveling in and around the vicinity – will know that you have an active and mobile security service, prepped to protect it at all costs, and this could make a criminal think twice before targeting it.


They offer multi-location surveillance

When a mobile patrol service is used, they can keep a close eye on numerous locations during a shift, to ensure that much more than just the main entrances are being monitored. Whether on foot, bicycle or in a vehicle, they can work together to keep every section protected as best as possible, and communicate with one another should they need assistance or wish to report suspicious activity.


A mobile patrol unit can respond to alarms

If an alarm should happen to be activated on your property, you’ll need to get there yourself pretty quickly, or send someone on your behalf to address the issue and switch off the alarm. Failure to do this on more than two occasions could result in the police disregarding subsequent alarms. If you have a mobile patrol service on site, however, you can take advantage of their expert key holding and alarm response service, and have them deactivate the alarm as and when needed, and communicate with the police if necessary.


They will also be present to re-secure the premises where appropriate and liaise with the police to resolve the situation and safeguard anyone who may be at harm.


They can carry out numerous other security checks

Responsible for so much more than monitoring and responding to alarms, they can also carry out patrols in areas outside of the CCTV cameras scope, and even conduct checks on doors and windows to make sure they’re all locked and that nothing has been tampered with.


They are also available in response to emergency situations, and can be hired as and when they are needed; this often includes 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day.


Mobile patrol services may even cost less

If your budget won’t quite stretch to a permanent, static security guard, then you may be able to save money by paying for a patrol service as and when you need it, and choose the level of services they carry out for you.


Should your property be vulnerable to thieves or vandals, having a patrol service protect it will of course save you money in that respect, by preventing damage and eliminating the need for costly repairs or even a lawsuit.


Static guard services certainly have their place, but nothing can beat the roving guard services of a mobile patrol, especially when it comes to giving you and anyone else on your property, the best chance of staying safe at all times, and from all angles.

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