Having seen continuous and steady growth for many years now, the private security sector has been giving peace of mind to both individuals and organizations, helping to protect them against all manner of criminals with varying degrees of intent. With many private security companies in existence throughout the states, finding the right one can be tricky given the amount of choice, while deciding whether to hire unarmed or unarmed security guards can be an even more difficult choice to make. Your decision will ultimately depend upon two main factors: your budget and your needs, but one is often dependent on the other. For example, if you’re involved in a high-risk industry or perform a role or hold a title that by its nature makes you more vulnerable to criminal acts, then it’s surely worth allocating more of your budget to protecting yourself in the form of armed security guards.

While armed security guards inevitably cost more, the level of protection they offer is superior, and below are three of the most popular reasons to choose this particular service to protect yourself, your family, your business, your customers and your employees:

Armed security guards are highly trained

While both unarmed and armed security guards receive the same initial training, the latter undergo more extensive training before they’re fully qualified to fulfil the role, making them exceptionally skilled at what they do. Trained to use their weapons should they need to, armed guards are the ultimate in protection, and can ably disarm criminals with speed.

Detailed background checks are carried out on armed security guards

Background checks are essential for employees in many industries, and private security services are no exception. While applying for a permit to carry a weapon, armed security guards are fingerprinted and investigated by the FBI to make sure they meet all the legal requirements before a license to carry a weapon is issued to them. This, along with a detailed background check from the security company, ensures each armed guard has been double checked before their employment commences, meaning you can fully trust them to concentrate on your security needs.

Armed security guards are the best form of deterrent

There’s no better way to protect yourself than by having a security guard standing outside your door or accompanying you wherever you go, and if they’re armed and able to effectively diffuse a criminal attack, so much the better. Criminals will think not once, but twice or even thrice before attempting to infiltrate a building with an armed guard positioned outside, and would be extremely reticent to try and attack an individual being protected in such a way. To this end, armed security guards are the ultimate deterrent for all kinds of criminals, with few willing to risk their lives to carry out a criminal act. While there is certainly a time and a place for unarmed security guards, you will always receive the highest level of protection from armed security guards, making them the best choice if you have genuine concerns about safety and security.

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