Why some may feel as if hiring armed guards to protect their home or business is an extreme measure, others will see it as a necessity. But, to understand what difference an armed guard can make and under what circumstances they might be deemed appropriate when compared to an unarmed guard, we’ve compiled a short guide:


Won’t an armed guard presence scare my customers and employees?

Usually, it’s quite the opposite. Considering the kind of world we live in today, where the threat of violent crime is never far away, most shoppers, clients, employees and homeowners feel far more secure knowing that should a rogue criminal target their premises, they will be well protected by a fully trained and licensed armed guard.


Not only that, but while unarmed guards undoubtedly have their uses, they offer little in the form of a deterrent. Criminals intending to access a building to cause damage or harm to anyone or anything inside it, will easily be able to overpower an unarmed guard, while an armed guard presents them with a whole different kind of barrier that is much less easy to penetrate.


Answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, and your business would benefit from armed guards

  • When an emergency occurs in your area, are the emergency responders slow to reach you?
  • Does the area your business is located have a high crime rate?
  • Do you have employees who work late? Or do you, or other members of your household, come in and out of your home frequently after daylight hours?


Will it be worth hiring armed guards, considering the cost of liability insurance?

Because armed guards carry a firearm, and even with extensive background checks and fingerprinting there’s no way to guarantee they won’t discharge their weapon unnecessarily, individuals and companies are often charged a higher rate for insurance policies. While this may be the case, it’s hard to put a price on safety, especially when it comes to your family, employees and customers, so most who feel they need an armed guard, see this as a necessary evil of staying safe and protected.


Armed guards cost more, so shouldn’t I just hire unarmed guards to save money?

In much the same way as the previous question was answered, it’s important to stress that saving lives is priceless, and while it’s true that armed guards are more expensive due to their extensive training, the benefits they bring far outweigh the cost.


Ultimately, you take a risk when you employ unarmed guards, since you’re not offering yourself the very best protection available to you. Armed guards can handle all manner of emergencies efficiently and within the parameters of the law, and if it’s peace of mind and safety at all times that you’re looking for, then hiring armed guards will give you that, tenfold.

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