Does Your Bank Offer Its Customers Enough Protection? - Code 4 Private Security

Whether your bank is a sprawling one with multiple floors, or a small building with a couple of tellers and an office, you must ensure that all customers and employees feel safe when entering the premises, and once they’re inside it, too. Banks are always going to be targets for thieves simply because of the amount of money and other valuable items kept inside them on any given day, so your bank should have a number of security measures in place, including, but not limited to, the following:

Security guards

Security guards should of course be present to help protect the public while they’re inside the bank (and entering and leaving it), but they can also be extremely helpful in guiding customers and controlling queues.

Most bank customers feel safer knowing a security guard is present should the unthinkable occur, such as an armed robbery, and employees can carry on their work without having to constantly be on the lookout for potential robbers among the regular customers.

Camera Surveillance and Monitoring

Allowing banks to monitor and view live and recorded video footage of the comings and goings on any given day, CCTV cameras can be set up to cover a variety of locations, and even multiple branches at a time. Acting as a visual deterrent to criminals, it can also be immensely helpful for identifying suspicious persons inside the bank should a crime later found to have taken place on or near the bank (such as the theft of a purse or wallet), and of course, in the event of an armed robbery.

Alarm Response Systems and Security Guards

Installed at banks to signal the authorities should a threat be detected, security alarm systems consist of a detector that uses a sensor, followed by an alarm circuit. As soon as the alarm rings, whether it’s detected an intruder, unauthorized entry, fire or smoke for example, a team of alarm response security guards are notified, and they’ll reach the bank and get the situation under control. Often, if a bank employs a mobile security guard patrol, the alarm will alert them and they’ll arrive before the monitoring team.

Cyber security and access control

Online data protection is important for banks, too, as is being able to restrict entry to certain areas of the bank that may contain sensitive information or large amounts of cash.

All told, there are many potential security risks that banks face, both from a physical and cyber perspective, and sometimes no amount of security measures can offer 100% protection. However, with a combination of the measures above, banks can offer their employees and customers a safe banking experience in which nobody has to look over their shoulder at the ATM, or be suspicious of everyone around them.

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