For security purposes, armed security guards appear a lucrative proposition over unarmed security guards. Most businesses and organizations tend to gravitate towards armed security guards because they think they will provide a better level of security. But blindly opting for armed guards or unarmed security guards, without considering your use case can burn a massive hole in your pocket. Read more to know about the difference between armed security guards and unarmed security guards, and which one is the right fit for you.

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards are well-trained security professionals with vast experience in managing security for higher-risk clients. They are capable of providing complete defense in a risky situation and are prepared to use lethal force if the situation demands it.

Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are well-trained security professionals that do not have a license to carry or use a firearm. They cannot use lethal force and are confined to physically tackling, and handcuffing the troublemakers. If the situation goes out of hand, they have to immediately alert the nearby police station.

So Which One to Pick?

Armed security guards are useful if:

  • You live in a high-risk area that has no nearby police stations and has a long history of violence and thefts. Armed security guards are more than capable of handling any major or minor attempt of intrusion for robbery. They can take charge unless additional government-run law enforcement arrives.
  • Your business organization stores or uses valuable items that can attract robbers. Valuable items need additional security, preferably with a team of armed security guards that can immediately defend the business from a robbery attempt.
  • You have private property such as a farm, factory, agricultural or warehouse, that needs round-the-clock protection. Armed security guards can ensure robust protection and prevent any attempts of break-in on your private property.

Unarmed Security Guards are Useful if:

  • You are a low-risk business that needs basic protection from troublemakers and miscreants who can disrupt the decorum of your organization.
  • You are situated in a low-risk area with a nearby police station. In this scenario, security guards can alert the authorities to arrive on-site if the situation is unmanageable by them.
  • You are located in a public place that does not allow the hiring of armed security guards. Public places need unarmed security guards that do not appear intimidating to the passer-by.
  • You have a low budget and need to have basic protection. Armed security guards are fairly economical as compared to armed security guards, who have high fees.

Never blindly pick a security guard without evaluating your requirements and the budget. If you have valuables stored at your location, then armed security guards are the best pick for you. On the other hand, if you need just basic protection and want to assure the public of their safety, unarmed security guards are a desirous choice.

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