K9 security dogs are widely popular for their use in policing and identification of narcotics. It is presumed that K9 security dogs are only confined to government run institutions but now you can use K9 security dogs for private security as well. K9 security dogs are competent four-legged animals that work in tandem with your security guard unit to maintain fool proof security and scare away any possible intrusions. Here are a few advantages of using canine dogs alongside security guards.

Deter Potential Criminal Activity

K9 security dogs can deter any possible criminal activity as intruders may escape the security guards but not the dogs. They have a strong sense of smell and can notice any intrusion effort immediately. Deploying a K9 security dog alongside security guards instils fear in the mind of the criminals thinking of entering the premises. Every criminal understands that the digs will rip them apart if they try to set foot on the premises. Thus, K9 security dogs act as a visual deterrent to any possible scheming by criminals.


Dogs can perceive a possible intrusion in progress and can even smell and hear a situation brewing up inside the premises. K9 security dogs are smart enough to spot any such criminal activity and alert the team about a possible threat presence. They are trained to act swiftly and attack the intruders if they spot them. This gives the security team plenty of time to react accordingly and manage the threat.

Trailing and Tracking

Not all possible intrusions are detected beforehand and sometimes criminals manage to escape. K9 security dogs can pick up their scent and embark on a trail to weed out the troublemakers. If they are hiding inside the premises, the chances of finding them are greater. Thus, your security team can narrow down their search area and follow a reliable trail that will lead them to the criminals.

Sniff and Detect

K9 security dogs have a profound sense of smell and undergo intense training to sniff any illegal substance. If they are deployed at the entry point of the area, the K9 security dogs can immediately detect any contraband or weapons hidden by a person. They act as an additional screening layer, one which is almost impossible to escape, even if someone gets past the metal detector and manual screening.

Peace of Mind

K9 security dogs are always active and help the security team to focus on primary areas while they scout the compound. They reduce the manual efforts of security guards, and the need to do continuous patrol at night time. Nothing can space the sharp sense of K9 security dogs, and they will not only assist but also take action against any intruders if spotted.

K9 security dogs are the perfect accompaniment to the security team that is capable of spotting trouble that sometimes humans cannot do. They also boost the morale of the team, which has a competent backup that can tear apart any attempt of intrusion without a hint of remorse or fear.

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