Manned surveillance is crucial to safeguarding every valuable, high-risk property. But manned security isn’t capable of executing patrols 24/7. Weather conditions also impede the patrolling schedule of manned guards, who have to wait inside for the weather to subside, to continue patrols. In such situations, drone surveillance is a desirous choice that can conduct patrols along with executing a deep scan of the perimeter. Moreover, it is now legal to use drones for security reasons while abiding by the guidelines issued by the state. Here are 5 benefits of drone surveillance:

  1. Remote Monitoring

Drones can be flown by licensed pilots and can be used to remotely monitor the security perimeter and the corners of the facility. Even if security guards are not currently on the site, a quick flight via drone can reveal the security status. Also, scaling large properties like hangars, large manufacturing plants, offsite construction is made easy by using drones.

  1. Swift Response

Automated drone flights can be used to schedule drone surveillance. The drones power up and take the predetermined flight path before returning to the landing zone. They can also be programmed to swiftly reach the site of intrusion by setting up triggers and responses. Before the security guard arrives at the scene, the drones can send the security footage of the intrusion site and give insights on persistent threats, if any.

  1. Low Light Conditions

The human eye has its limitations and cannot see past dense foliage, heavy snow, and harsh rainfall. Drones have excellent low-light visibility and use advanced scanning technologies such as FLIR and night vision to scan any human presence around the security perimeter. They can present a heat map as well as collect images and videos and stream them directly to the security team.

  1. Reduced Security Costs

Drones reduce the overall load in the surveillance team who can monitor the perimeter from a distance. Drone surveillance is significantly cheaper than any other aerial surveillance method using satellite imaging. Not every client can afford security surveillance using satellite imaging, which is overkill for them. Drones have significantly less upkeep and can be employed in one or more fleets depending upon the use case scenario.

  1. Easily Implementable

Drone surveillance has flexible plans that are easily implementable at your facility. You do not have to train your security guard team to learn how to fly a drone. They are remotely managed by the security company itself and once they have the designated flight path, they can conduct round-the-clock surveillance without you having to lift a finger.

Drone surveillance is capable enough to carry unmanned surveillance and present a live feed of the current state of security. It is affordable than hiring other aerial surveillance methods and is licensed to be used for security reasons. By integrating drone surveillance, you can easily monitor areas that are inaccessible to the security personnel inside the perimeter. Just make sure that your security contractor has the necessary permits to fly a UAS and is licensed to operate on US grounds.

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