The sad reality is that these days, no event is ever entirely free from the risk of crime – whether public or private – and keeping attendees safe and protected at all times, has become more of a concern than ever before. We need only look back a year to 2020, to see how many public gatherings were worryingly (and in many instances, dangerously) affected by violence and crime, thanks to ongoing health, economic and political factors.

Fortunately, help is available in the form of armed guards, and while you might think this to be an extreme measure, history has shown us time and time again that security is never worth cutting corners on, and should always be at the forefront of any event.

If you’re organizing an event and are wondering whether it’s worth hiring an armed guard service to patrol the vicinity and closely monitor all comings and goings, here are 3 reasons why it will be money well spent:

  1. Shootings at events are a very real risk


Of course, many events both public and private are held without even a glimmer of trouble or a hint of violence, but knowing which events will run smoothly, and which ones may not, is literally anyone’s guess. And should guesswork be involved when it comes to protecting lives? Definitely not.


Did you know that the U.S. suffered a whopping 611 mass shootings last year in 2020; proof alone that armed incidents are showing no sign of abating, and in fact are growing at an alarming rate. This means that no event is free from the risk of an armed incident, but with armed guards, you can prevent them from happening, or at the very least, mitigate the harm caused to event attendees.


  1. Armed civilians are a growing threat


You only have to watch daily news reports to see that more and more civilians are arming themselves with deadly weapons and using them in often unprovoked attacks. With this in mind, having armed guards at your event who are able to respond to incidents of gun crime (or any other type of violent crime) with the appropriate level of force to disarm such individuals and protect others in attendance, is absolutely essential. Fail to show event attendees that you’re taking their safety seriously, and not only may they not feel safe, but they’ll be highly unlikely to attend any future events you organize.


  1. Civil unrest is on the rise


It seems that these days, some members of the public don’t need much of an excuse to go on a rampage, and whether they’re protesting about politics or health mandates, more and more civilians are taking to the streets to make their voices and opinions heard. Civil unrest always has the potential to turn violent, and all it takes is one news report or one statement from a politician or lawmaker, and you’ve got a hostile environment on your hands. If you happen to be hosting an event at the wrong time and in the wrong place, unless you have professional armed guards in attendance, it could quickly result in ugly scenes, and even put the life of the events attendees, at risk.


Event planners and organizers should not be deterred by the growing threat of violence and civil unrest, but instead should ensure that they’re well prepared, by hiring reputable and experienced armed guards to police the venue and protect everyone in attendance.

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