There are many different settings in which having an extra level of protection can be beneficial, from healthcare facilities, festivals and gigs, to office complexes and apartment buildings, and nothing says ‘security’ quite like a highly trained K9 and their handler.

While security guards alone can offer a fantastic level of protection for any of the above venues, the presence of a dog and its handler, typically symbolizes a no nonsense approach to security.

Below are just some of the many ways in which a K9 security service could boost the level of protection in any setting:

Act as a powerful deterrent

Demonstrate to everyone on your premises or within the perimeter of your venue, that their security and safety is of the utmost important to you, with the addition of a K9 security dog and guard. As a deterrent for crime, you can’t get much more powerful than a K9 patrol, and everybody knows it – including the criminals!

Control crowds at events

At any event where there will be a lot of people in attendance, crowd control is paramount for maintaining a safe atmosphere, and having a K9 officer working alongside traditional security guards can be immensely helpful. If attendees will need to be searched for drugs, explosives or weapons, for example, K9 officers trained for such sweeps can help keep things moving smoothly and under control, and are able to keep people at bay while handlers and security guards carry out other essential tasks.

Deescalate situations

If someone is beginning to get a bit aggressive and there is a chance the situation may escalate, the presence of a dog and its handler can make the individual consider their actions, and back down. Should an incident unavoidably escalate into violence, however, the K9 officer can spring into action and subdue the person to keep them, and everyone else at the venue, safe.

Add an advantage to foot patrols

With their incredible sense of smell and fantastic instincts, having a K9 officer and handler paired with a regular security patrol, can help make sure that no potential security threats are missed. Vandals waiting in the shadows? Burglar casing out the premises under the cover of darkness? These are no problem for a K9 officer, who’ll sniff them out and enable the security guards to apprehend them.

Help in emergencies

Often able to locate victims in an accident scene or natural disaster far quicker than humans, K9 officers can be invaluable in emergency situations, and in many instances, can help save lives. In the event that an individual(s) has harmed another person at a business or other venue, a K9 officer can swiftly pursue and subdue them to prevent them harming anyone else, and enabling them to be taken into custody.

The effectiveness of  K9 security services is hard to ignore, and whether you’re organizing a big event, protecting a large number of residents, or keeping the customers and employers at your business safe, a K9 officer sends a very clear signal to anyone who might be considering carrying out a criminal act on or near the premises.

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