5 Indicators Your Business Needs a Security Guard Presence

If you don’t already have a security guard presence at your place of business, and can relate to any of the following six indicators, then it might be time to have a conversation with a professional security firm to arrange for a guard(s) to be stationed at your premises:


  1. Your place of business frequently experiences safety issues

Safety issues come in many shapes and sizes, but ultimately, they are anything that can threaten the safety of employees, customers or the building itself, and if you’ve spotted them happening regularly, it could mean that your business is vulnerable and needs to be better protected.


Maybe you’ve recently had a spate of in-store theft, a fight has broken out on the premises or the building has been vandalized in some way. Whatever the issue, a security guard presence could put an end to it and prevent it from happening again in the future.


  1. Your business has a lot of foot traffic

A lot of foot traffic may indicate that your business or other such facility is doing well, but it can also present a huge security risk if not closely monitored. A security guard stationed at the entrance can check IDs of everyone coming in, make notes of names and contact numbers and restrict entry where appropriate.


  1. Record keeping isn’t at its best

If anyone should be involved in an accident or other such incident on your business premises, having a detailed record of day-to-day functioning can help you avoid potential liability issues, or even prevent a crime. Often, the task of maintaining such records – which can include information about suspicious employee behavior, a broken lock or damaged equipment – falls to security guards, and by having at least one in place every day, you can make sure they’re kept as up-to-date as possible.


  1. Employees are working late

It’s a simple fact that a good deal of crime occurs after the hours of darkness, and if you frequently run night shifts or have employees who work overtime past their regular hours, then you should be helping to protect them by hiring a security guard. Giving them peace of mind, they’ll be able to safely leave the premises at the end of their shift, and criminals will be deterred from targeting your business due to an apparent lack of security presence.


  1. You’ve needed an emergency response on more than one occasion

Not all emergency situations require a response from the police, but if you don’t have a security guard to help manage smaller emergencies, you’ll likely have to call the police, and while this can be helpful, it can also be incredibly disruptive. Not only that, but the police aren’t always able to make it to you quickly, and as a result, a criminal may flee the scene or more harm may come to an individual (or individuals) involved. Hire a security guard, and have someone on site, all day every day, to deal swiftly and appropriately with any emergency.


More often than not, security guards prove their worth pretty quickly, and investing in hiring at least one for your business, is going to give you a great return on your money, in more ways than one.


Give your customers, employees and anyone else involved in your business the peace of mind they deserve, by hiring fully trained and experienced security guards to watch over them and keep them safe while on the premises.


Why Choose a Mobile Patrol Service Over a Static One?

Mobile patrol services offer a range of benefits, and while a static security presence can be effective, they’re simply unable to compete with a mobile patrol that offers the ultimate in security and protection.


Whether you hire a mobile patrol service that conducts their work in vehicles or on foot, they have a whole host of advantages when compared to static security guards, some of which can be found below:


Mobile patrol services act as a visible deterrent for criminals

Having a mobile patrol service means that anyone moving in and around the perimeter of your premises – or even traveling in and around the vicinity – will know that you have an active and mobile security service, prepped to protect it at all costs, and this could make a criminal think twice before targeting it.


They offer multi-location surveillance

When a mobile patrol service is used, they can keep a close eye on numerous locations during a shift, to ensure that much more than just the main entrances are being monitored. Whether on foot, bicycle or in a vehicle, they can work together to keep every section protected as best as possible, and communicate with one another should they need assistance or wish to report suspicious activity.


A mobile patrol unit can respond to alarms

If an alarm should happen to be activated on your property, you’ll need to get there yourself pretty quickly, or send someone on your behalf to address the issue and switch off the alarm. Failure to do this on more than two occasions could result in the police disregarding subsequent alarms. If you have a mobile patrol service on site, however, you can take advantage of their expert key holding and alarm response service, and have them deactivate the alarm as and when needed, and communicate with the police if necessary.


They will also be present to re-secure the premises where appropriate and liaise with the police to resolve the situation and safeguard anyone who may be at harm.


They can carry out numerous other security checks

Responsible for so much more than monitoring and responding to alarms, they can also carry out patrols in areas outside of the CCTV cameras scope, and even conduct checks on doors and windows to make sure they’re all locked and that nothing has been tampered with.


They are also available in response to emergency situations, and can be hired as and when they are needed; this often includes 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day.


Mobile patrol services may even cost less

If your budget won’t quite stretch to a permanent, static security guard, then you may be able to save money by paying for a patrol service as and when you need it, and choose the level of services they carry out for you.


Should your property be vulnerable to thieves or vandals, having a patrol service protect it will of course save you money in that respect, by preventing damage and eliminating the need for costly repairs or even a lawsuit.


Static guard services certainly have their place, but nothing can beat the roving guard services of a mobile patrol, especially when it comes to giving you and anyone else on your property, the best chance of staying safe at all times, and from all angles.

Making The Choice Between Armed and Unarmed Guards

Why some may feel as if hiring armed guards to protect their home or business is an extreme measure, others will see it as a necessity. But, to understand what difference an armed guard can make and under what circumstances they might be deemed appropriate when compared to an unarmed guard, we’ve compiled a short guide:


Won’t an armed guard presence scare my customers and employees?

Usually, it’s quite the opposite. Considering the kind of world we live in today, where the threat of violent crime is never far away, most shoppers, clients, employees and homeowners feel far more secure knowing that should a rogue criminal target their premises, they will be well protected by a fully trained and licensed armed guard.


Not only that, but while unarmed guards undoubtedly have their uses, they offer little in the form of a deterrent. Criminals intending to access a building to cause damage or harm to anyone or anything inside it, will easily be able to overpower an unarmed guard, while an armed guard presents them with a whole different kind of barrier that is much less easy to penetrate.


Answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, and your business would benefit from armed guards

  • When an emergency occurs in your area, are the emergency responders slow to reach you?
  • Does the area your business is located have a high crime rate?
  • Do you have employees who work late? Or do you, or other members of your household, come in and out of your home frequently after daylight hours?


Will it be worth hiring armed guards, considering the cost of liability insurance?

Because armed guards carry a firearm, and even with extensive background checks and fingerprinting there’s no way to guarantee they won’t discharge their weapon unnecessarily, individuals and companies are often charged a higher rate for insurance policies. While this may be the case, it’s hard to put a price on safety, especially when it comes to your family, employees and customers, so most who feel they need an armed guard, see this as a necessary evil of staying safe and protected.


Armed guards cost more, so shouldn’t I just hire unarmed guards to save money?

In much the same way as the previous question was answered, it’s important to stress that saving lives is priceless, and while it’s true that armed guards are more expensive due to their extensive training, the benefits they bring far outweigh the cost.


Ultimately, you take a risk when you employ unarmed guards, since you’re not offering yourself the very best protection available to you. Armed guards can handle all manner of emergencies efficiently and within the parameters of the law, and if it’s peace of mind and safety at all times that you’re looking for, then hiring armed guards will give you that, tenfold.

6 Benefits of Security Patrol Services for Your Business

Whatever type of business you own, keeping it, and your customers and employees safe, is doubtless one of your top priorities, and with security patrol services, you can do exactly that.

Your business is worth protecting, and if you haven’t yet invested in a security patrol service to keep it safe at all times, the following 6 benefits may just convince you to hurry up and do it:

  1. Patrol services can help you create a safe business environment


Provided you select a security service who employ (or train) only accredited, skilled and experienced security guards, you’ll be able to make your entire workplace as safe as it can possibly be, at all times. Whether the middle of the day, or the middle of the night, a patrol service will use their vigilance and training to deter and prevent criminal acts from taking place in, on, or around your business premises.


  1. Criminals will think twice about targeting your business


With an around the clock patrol service monitoring your business, only the craziest (or dumbest!) of criminals would even think about trying to commit a criminal act of theft, vandalism or illegal entry.


  1. Security concerns can be mitigated, fast


Trained to respond swiftly, calmly and with an appropriate level of force to all potential security breaches, you can get your business back to normal in the event of any criminal act, with minimum fuss and zero danger.


  1. Emergencies can be handled with ease


Whether a criminal act has been committed on your premises, or an attempt to commit a criminal act was made, with the right security patrol services, you can take control of any emergency situation and keep everybody safe until local law enforcement arrive. Willing and able to intervene when needed, they can prevent a physical assault from taking place, assist in a medical emergency and help prevent a wide range of criminal acts from taking place at your place of business.

  1. Patrol services can be tailored to meet your exact needs


Whether you want a patrol service to protect your business around the clock, or on a shifting schedule, a reputable security firm will be able to provide you with exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.


  1. Whatever your business, a good patrol service will make it their business to protect it


A good patrol service will provide you with guards who are able to protect your business, no matter what industry it’s in, or who its customers are, and can adapt to any given situation as required. So, whatever type of business you own, from a retail facility to a hotel or restaurant, a professional security patrol service will keep you, your employees, your customers and the business itself, safe from harm at all times.

So, if your business is important to you and you want to protect it as best you can, there are many benefits of hiring a patrol service to help you do exactly that.

3 Reasons to Have Armed Guards at A Private Event

The sad reality is that these days, no event is ever entirely free from the risk of crime – whether public or private – and keeping attendees safe and protected at all times, has become more of a concern than ever before. We need only look back a year to 2020, to see how many public gatherings were worryingly (and in many instances, dangerously) affected by violence and crime, thanks to ongoing health, economic and political factors.

Fortunately, help is available in the form of armed guards, and while you might think this to be an extreme measure, history has shown us time and time again that security is never worth cutting corners on, and should always be at the forefront of any event.

If you’re organizing an event and are wondering whether it’s worth hiring an armed guard service to patrol the vicinity and closely monitor all comings and goings, here are 3 reasons why it will be money well spent:

  1. Shootings at events are a very real risk


Of course, many events both public and private are held without even a glimmer of trouble or a hint of violence, but knowing which events will run smoothly, and which ones may not, is literally anyone’s guess. And should guesswork be involved when it comes to protecting lives? Definitely not.


Did you know that the U.S. suffered a whopping 611 mass shootings last year in 2020; proof alone that armed incidents are showing no sign of abating, and in fact are growing at an alarming rate. This means that no event is free from the risk of an armed incident, but with armed guards, you can prevent them from happening, or at the very least, mitigate the harm caused to event attendees.


  1. Armed civilians are a growing threat


You only have to watch daily news reports to see that more and more civilians are arming themselves with deadly weapons and using them in often unprovoked attacks. With this in mind, having armed guards at your event who are able to respond to incidents of gun crime (or any other type of violent crime) with the appropriate level of force to disarm such individuals and protect others in attendance, is absolutely essential. Fail to show event attendees that you’re taking their safety seriously, and not only may they not feel safe, but they’ll be highly unlikely to attend any future events you organize.


  1. Civil unrest is on the rise


It seems that these days, some members of the public don’t need much of an excuse to go on a rampage, and whether they’re protesting about politics or health mandates, more and more civilians are taking to the streets to make their voices and opinions heard. Civil unrest always has the potential to turn violent, and all it takes is one news report or one statement from a politician or lawmaker, and you’ve got a hostile environment on your hands. If you happen to be hosting an event at the wrong time and in the wrong place, unless you have professional armed guards in attendance, it could quickly result in ugly scenes, and even put the life of the events attendees, at risk.


Event planners and organizers should not be deterred by the growing threat of violence and civil unrest, but instead should ensure that they’re well prepared, by hiring reputable and experienced armed guards to police the venue and protect everyone in attendance.

Why Are Security Guards Considered an Essential Service?

With violent, and in particular, gun crime, becoming increasingly prevalent with every passing year, it’s almost inevitable that security guards have seen a significant demand for their services. With very real concerns surrounding crime, vandalism and terrorism, many businesses and industries as a whole, no longer consider security guards to be a luxury, rather, they’ve become a necessity.

Let’s look in a little more detail at 3 of the main reasons behind the growth in demand for security guards:

  1. Shoplifting and other crimes

Whether because of poverty or to feed a drug habit, there can be many reasons why people choose to steal from shops and other businesses, but of course, few of them can ever (if at all) be justified. While you might not view this type of crime as a particularly serious one, they can in fact (especially if they occur regularly, and depending upon the type of product stolen) cost businesses not just their reputation, but their bottom line, and many now consider security guards to be their only effective weapon against shoplifters.


  1. Vandalism

Vandalism on construction sites has long been a problem, and for site managers and building owners, it’s so much more than just an eyesore or inconvenience. Some acts of vandalism can cost companies hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and their main form of protection against such acts is to hire security guards.

The cost of hiring security guards is often significantly less than the cost of rectifying damage caused to buildings or equipment, hence many companies hire them as soon as the site is up and work commences.


  1. Terrorism


Arguably the most frightening reason behind a need for security guards, acts of terrorism have left many Americans’ reeling with the devastation they typically cause, and show no signs of slowing down. In the absence of a permanent, around the clock police presence, highly trained security guards are a cost-effective alternative, and can help keep any business or facility safe from the threat of terrorism.

What industries hire security guards?

While it might once have been only banks and high-end jewelry stores that hired security guards to help watch over their premises and customers, nowadays there are many more industries who consider them to be essential for their safety and protection, such as:

  • Schools and other educational facilities
  • Malls and retail parks
  • Hotels
  • Government buildings
  • Construction sites
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Apartments and condos

Whatever type of business you own, there’s a growing need to keep it protected all times, and with crimes like shoplifting, vandalism and terrorism seemingly on the rise, hiring security guards could be your only legitimate and effective line of defense.

Armed Vs. Unarmed Security – What to Choose?

For security purposes, armed security guards appear a lucrative proposition over unarmed security guards. Most businesses and organizations tend to gravitate towards armed security guards because they think they will provide a better level of security. But blindly opting for armed guards or unarmed security guards, without considering your use case can burn a massive hole in your pocket. Read more to know about the difference between armed security guards and unarmed security guards, and which one is the right fit for you.

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards are well-trained security professionals with vast experience in managing security for higher-risk clients. They are capable of providing complete defense in a risky situation and are prepared to use lethal force if the situation demands it.

Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are well-trained security professionals that do not have a license to carry or use a firearm. They cannot use lethal force and are confined to physically tackling, and handcuffing the troublemakers. If the situation goes out of hand, they have to immediately alert the nearby police station.

So Which One to Pick?

Armed security guards are useful if:

  • You live in a high-risk area that has no nearby police stations and has a long history of violence and thefts. Armed security guards are more than capable of handling any major or minor attempt of intrusion for robbery. They can take charge unless additional government-run law enforcement arrives.
  • Your business organization stores or uses valuable items that can attract robbers. Valuable items need additional security, preferably with a team of armed security guards that can immediately defend the business from a robbery attempt.
  • You have private property such as a farm, factory, godown, that needs round-the-clock protection. Armed security guards can ensure robust protection and prevent any attempts of break-in on your private property.

Unarmed Security Guards are Useful if:

  • You are a low-risk business that needs basic protection from troublemakers and miscreants who can disrupt the decorum of your organization.
  • You are situated in a low-risk area with a nearby police station. In this scenario, security guards can alert the authorities to arrive on-site if the situation is unmanageable by them.
  • You are located in a public place that does not allow the hiring of armed security guards. Public places need unarmed security guards that do not appear intimidating to the passer-by.
  • You have a low budget and need to have basic protection. Armed security guards are fairly economical as compared to armed security guards, who have high fees.

Never blindly pick a security guard without evaluating your requirements and the budget. If you have valuables stored at your location, then armed security guards are the best pick for you. On the other hand, if you need just basic protection and want to assure the public of their safety, unarmed security guards are a desirous choice.

5 Benefits of Using Drone Surveillance

Manned surveillance is crucial to safeguarding every valuable, high-risk property. But manned security isn’t capable of executing patrols 24/7. Weather conditions also impede the patrolling schedule of manned guards, who have to wait inside for the weather to subside, to continue patrols. In such situations, drone surveillance is a desirous choice that can conduct patrols along with executing a deep scan of the perimeter. Moreover, it is now legal to use drones for security reasons while abiding by the guidelines issued by the state. Here are 5 benefits of drone surveillance:

  1. Remote Monitoring

Drones can be flown by licensed pilots and can be used to remotely monitor the security perimeter and the corners of the facility. Even if security guards are not currently on the site, a quick flight via drone can reveal the security status. Also, scaling large properties like hangars, large manufacturing plants, offsite construction is made easy by using drones.

  1. Swift Response

Automated drone flights can be used to schedule drone surveillance. The drones power up and take the predetermined flight path before returning to the landing zone. They can also be programmed to swiftly reach the site of intrusion by setting up triggers and responses. Before the security guard arrives at the scene, the drones can send the security footage of the intrusion site and give insights on persistent threats, if any.

  1. Low Light Conditions

The human eye has its limitations and cannot see past dense foliage, heavy snow, and harsh rainfall. Drones have excellent low-light visibility and use advanced scanning technologies such as FLIR and night vision to scan any human presence around the security perimeter. They can present a heat map as well as collect images and videos and stream them directly to the security team.

  1. Reduced Security Costs

Drones reduce the overall load in the surveillance team who can monitor the perimeter from a distance. Drone surveillance is significantly cheaper than any other aerial surveillance method using satellite imaging. Not every client can afford security surveillance using satellite imaging, which is overkill for them. Drones have significantly less upkeep and can be employed in one or more fleets depending upon the use case scenario.

  1. Easily Implementable

Drone surveillance has flexible plans that are easily implementable at your facility. You do not have to train your security guard team to learn how to fly a drone. They are remotely managed by the security company itself and once they have the designated flight path, they can conduct round-the-clock surveillance without you having to lift a finger.

Drone surveillance is capable enough to carry unmanned surveillance and present a live feed of the current state of security. It is affordable than hiring other aerial surveillance methods and is licensed to be used for security reasons. By integrating drone surveillance, you can easily monitor areas that are inaccessible to the security personnel inside the perimeter. Just make sure that your security contractor has the necessary permits to fly a UAS and is licensed to operate on US grounds.

Advantages of Using K9 Security Dogs

K9 security dogs are widely popular for their use in policing and identification of narcotics. It is presumed that K9 security dogs are only confined to government run institutions but now you can use K9 security dogs for private security as well. K9 security dogs are competent four-legged animals that work in tandem with your security guard unit to maintain fool proof security and scare away any possible intrusions. Here are a few advantages of using canine dogs alongside security guards.

Deter Potential Criminal Activity

K9 security dogs can deter any possible criminal activity as intruders may escape the security guards but not the dogs. They have a strong sense of smell and can notice any intrusion effort immediately. Deploying a K9 security dog alongside security guards instils fear in the mind of the criminals thinking of entering the premises. Every criminal understands that the digs will rip them apart if they try to set foot on the premises. Thus, K9 security dogs act as a visual deterrent to any possible scheming by criminals.


Dogs can perceive a possible intrusion in progress and can even smell and hear a situation brewing up inside the premises. K9 security dogs are smart enough to spot any such criminal activity and alert the team about a possible threat presence. They are trained to act swiftly and attack the intruders if they spot them. This gives the security team plenty of time to react accordingly and manage the threat.

Trailing and Tracking

Not all possible intrusions are detected beforehand and sometimes criminals manage to escape. K9 security dogs can pick up their scent and embark on a trail to weed out the troublemakers. If they are hiding inside the premises, the chances of finding them are greater. Thus, your security team can narrow down their search area and follow a reliable trail that will lead them to the criminals.

Sniff and Detect

K9 security dogs have a profound sense of smell and undergo intense training to sniff any illegal substance. If they are deployed at the entry point of the area, the K9 security dogs can immediately detect any contraband or weapons hidden by a person. They act as an additional screening layer, one which is almost impossible to escape, even if someone gets past the metal detector and manual screening.

Peace of Mind

K9 security dogs are always active and help the security team to focus on primary areas while they scout the compound. They reduce the manual efforts of security guards, and the need to do continuous patrol at night time. Nothing can space the sharp sense of K9 security dogs, and they will not only assist but also take action against any intruders if spotted.

K9 security dogs are the perfect accompaniment to the security team that is capable of spotting trouble that sometimes humans cannot do. They also boost the morale of the team, which has a competent backup that can tear apart any attempt of intrusion without a hint of remorse or fear.

What Services Does a Private Investigator Offer?

Private investigators are hired by people who need to obtain some information without alerting the person who is being investigated. An official complaint may deter the individual from exposing their malicious activities as they would hide until the heat subsides. Private investigators give you the advantage of being undetected yet can obtain elaborate evidence that can strengthen your case. The job of a private investigator is far complex than what it is portrayed in movies and TV shows as they have to possess an extensive skill-set to dig for the truth.

People are often confused about the services that a private investigator offers. We are discussing a few broad categories of services that can be procured from an experienced private investigator:

Extensive Research

Private investigators have far-fetched experience in scanning through records and jotting down crucial information that could build a strong case. Most of the research is conducted online these days but sometimes private investigators have to analyze heavy documentation from past cases. Private investigators have a knack for noticing anything out of the ordinary and then pursuing that possibility until they can obtain some dirt of the person being investigated.


Surveillance is one of the key skills of a private investigator as they have to often tailgate many perpetrators or a possible suspect without being noticed. Surveillance is crucial to determine if the person under investigation is actually who he pretends to be or has something to hide. Private investigators have to work odd hours mostly at night to collect tangible information about the suspect.

Evidence Collection

A case cannot hold in court if it lacks tangible evidence. Private investigators can be a great asset for you to build a strong case backed by the evidence collected by private investigators. They are very good at scouting possible items, invoices, and documents that can help the judiciary decide in your favor.

Conduct Background Checks

Private investigators are good at extracting information from people who know or have an association with the suspect under investigation. They can scoop out valuable information that can be cross-checked to confirm their identity, residence, nationality, active or previous criminal cases, and other crucial information.

Private investigators are good at amassing facts and credible evidence in the form of documents, witnesses, surveillance footage, etc to build a strong case against the suspect. Always ask for client testimonials before hiring a private investigator as it confirms their capabilities.

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