In a world where many of us feel less safe than ever before, professional security services are in high demand, and as you read this, there are thousands of armed and unarmed guards detailing retail sites, warehouses, homes, businesses, cannabis cultivating facilities, and schools and hotels (to name but a few), protecting innocent citizens. Sometimes the threat of violence or theft is ever present, while at other times it might be heightened due to certain factors, but at Code 4 Private Security, our guards perform their roles with due diligence, never once becoming complacent. 

If you’re the owner or manager of a warehouse, no matter its size, then you’ll undoubtedly be in need of a professional warehouse security service, and at Code 4 Private Security, we can offer you the level of protection you need. 

The importance of sound warehouse security:

Storage and distribution facilities are often targeted by criminals seeking to steal goods and sell them on, and without a strong warehouse security presence, they can be incredibly vulnerable places. Whatever is being stored and distributed in your warehouse, you’ll want to keep it protected at all times, and the best way of guaranteeing its safety, is by employing the services of a professional security company like Code 4 Private Security, who have a range of options to keep your warehouse and everything (and everyone) inside it, secure.

How does the warehouse security process work?

Once we receive an email or phone call requesting our warehouse security service, we will reach out to you by whichever manner is most convenient (you can advise us of this when you make initial contact with our team), and arrange to visit the site in question to perform a comprehensive and detailed security assessment. 

No two organizations are the same, and at Code 4 Private Security, nobody understands this better than us. We know that your warehouse security needs will be specific to your company, and as such, we never make any assumptions about the level and amount of security you might require. Only once we have met with you and discussed your needs in detail will we make any recommendations for our warehouse security services, and only when you are satisfied with all elements of the contract that we’ll go on to prepare for you, will we ask you to sign it.


With every member of our security personnel fully licensed and insured to provide a wealth of skilled and reliable security services to customers in California, our highly trained, uniformed, armed or unarmed foot or patrol car guards are standing by, ready to protect you.

Our competitive pricing and security packages are designed to give you the best quality protection and support, without costing you the Earth. Set prices are difficult to quote as this depends upon the extent of warehouse security you need and how many guards are required, but while each scenario is different, one thing you can depend on, is our commitment to affordability without compromising on quality.

Absolutely! Every armed and unarmed guard, along with all other members of our bank, retail, commercial, construction and warehouse security team, is fully insured and licensed to carry out their service. Additionally, each member of our security team must pass strict background checks and undergo drug testing before even being considered for employment. So, you can rest assured that your safety is in good hands when you use any of our services, and that every guard is legitimate and qualified.

Because we only ever use the most qualified armed and unarmed guards – not to mention drone pilots, patrol cars, private investigators and dog handlers – and have a large team at our disposal, we’re able to match you and your facility with warehouse security guards who have training and experience in your specific industry, giving you the ultimate in tailored, ultra-reliable security.

Why Choose Us?

Your security needs are our only concern, and because we refuse to employ anyone who doesn’t possess the right qualifications, skills or expertise, when you use any of our security services, you know you’re getting the very best protection. Not only that, but every guard has to pass a rigorous personality and drug test, to ensure that they are capable of fulfilling their role to the highest standard.

Fully focused upon keeping everyone involved, safe and secure at all times, some say we have tunnel vision, but we take that as the ultimate compliment, and are proud to wear our security blinkers at all times! 

With a comprehensive range of customizable security services, we can match every client with the right level of security for the situation; making sure that you’re not swamped with armed guards at a low-risk event or patrolling a small business, while guaranteeing ample protection for crowd control and safety checks at larger events, where hundreds or thousands of people are expected to be present, or at large retail stores where the threat of crime is ever present. 

Don’t Let a Lack of Security, Catch You Off Guard

While nobody wants to be obsessed with the threat of crime, it pays to be vigilant and to always expect the unexpected. Crimes are often opportunistic, and a certain business or warehouse facility may be targeted due to its lack of security measures and blasé attitude towards warehouse security. 

Getting caught ‘off-guard’ without adequate protection, is everyone’s worst nightmare, and it pays to never be complacent when it comes to your security needs. Invest in a high-quality security service such as those offered at Code 4 Private Security, and you can have the confidence to carry out your business or personal life, in complete safety. 

So, if you’re looking for the highest and most professional level of protection for your warehouse, talk to our knowledgeable team today, and find the perfect security solution for your needs. 

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