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At Code 4 Private Security, our range of comprehensive security services are guaranteed to give you the protection and security you need. Hospital Security Services as well as lobby security and patient monitoring. If you find yourself needing the most comprehensive security professionals around, contact us.

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    • Medical Offices
    • Long Term Facilities

Read on to know more about our healthcare security services and exactly what benefits you’ll gain from hiring us:

Why is healthcare security so important?

Healthcare centers are places where patients go to safely receive treatment and care, and be healed, and employees expect to be able to give that care while being protected from any kind of criminality. Violence, theft, and even acts of wanton vandalism can happen in any kind of institution, but they are perhaps least welcome in such an environment as a hospital, and healthcare security should – if it isn’t already – be of utmost importance to anyone owning or managing a healthcare facility.

To help keep your hospital or healthcare facility protected at all times, and your employees and patients safe from harm, you need a robust hospital security system in place, and one of the most effective ways of achieving this, is to work with a company like ours. At Code 4 Security we are proud to have been hospitals and medical institutions safe and secure for many years now, and if you need to improve the safety and wellbeing of your facility, we can help.

Healthcare security the Code 4 Security way:

We understand the often challenging and sensitive environment that doctors, nurses, caregivers and all other hospital staff work in, and take measures to ensure that all our security personnel are trained to deal appropriately with a wide variety of potential incidents particular to hospital environments, and that they respect patient care and confidentiality at all times. Managing emergency departments, visitors, open access and governmental standards are just a few of the areas in which healthcare security can often be an issue, and with our experienced team to support you, we can help make your healthcare facility safe for everyone.

Our healthcare security guards:

Fully bonded, licensed and insured, every Code 4 Security team member takes their role extremely seriously, and is required to undertake a series of refresher courses to maintain their skills and training appropriately. Only when our healthcare security guards have completed all relevant training, and passed a series of stringent requirements, are they ever assigned work placements, and our customers are welcome to check our credentials, at any time.

How does the healthcare security process work?

Once we receive an email or phone call requesting our healthcare security service, we will reach out to you by whichever manner is most convenient (you can advise us of this when you make initial contact with our team), and arrange to visit the facility in question to perform a comprehensive and detailed security assessment.

No two organizations are the same, and at Code 4 Private Security, nobody understands this better than us; that’s why we never make any assumptions about the level and amount of healthcare security you might require. Only once we have met with you and discussed your needs in detail will we make any recommendations for our healthcare security services, and only when you are satisfied with all elements of the contract that we’ll go on to prepare for you, will we ask you to sign it.

So, if you’re looking for the highest, most affordable and professional level of healthcare security protection, talk to our knowledgeable team today, and get the security you need.

Our mission:

At Code 4 Security, we want our clients to be able to focus on the things that matter to them, and not be made to toss and turn in bed at night, worrying about intruders to their home or business, or the everyday safety of their patients and healthcare employees. Our healthcare security services are guaranteed to give you the protection and security you need, and if you’re in California and looking for a high class, professional security company you can trust, we’ve got exactly what you need.

Read on to find answers to some of the questions you might have about our full range of security services, and for any questions that aren’t listed below, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable security team by telephone or email, and we’ll be more than happy to help:


With every member of our security personnel fully licensed and insured to provide a wealth of skilled and reliable security services to customers in California, our highly trained, uniformed guards are standing by, ready to protect you. Whether you’re looking for unarmed guard foot patrols to deter would-be criminals, patrol car services to keep your property and neighborhood safe, or high-end, fully armed protection for a range of vulnerable industries and facilities such as hospitals and healthcare centers, we’ve got a hospital security solution guaranteed to meet your needs.

Our competitive pricing and security packages are designed to give you the best quality protection and support, without costing you the Earth. Set prices are difficult to quote as this depends upon the extent of hospital security you need, but while each scenario is different, one thing you can depend on, is our commitment to affordability without compromising on quality.

Absolutely! Every armed and unarmed guard under our employ is fully insured and licensed to carry out their service. Additionally, each member of our security team must pass strict background checks and undergo drug testing before even being considered for employment. So, you can rest assured that your safety is in good hands when you use any of our services, including hospital security, and that every guard is legitimate and qualified

Because we only ever use the most qualified armed and unarmed guards – not to mention drone pilots, patrol cars, private investigators and dog handlers – and have a large team at our disposal, we’re able to match you up with guards who have training and experience in your specific industry, giving you the ultimate in tailored, ultra-reliable hospital security. Whatever your industry, or whatever the situation, we’ve got an expert solution that will give you the very best protection.

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