What Services Does a Private Investigator Offer?

Private investigators are hired by people who need to obtain some information without alerting the person who is being investigated. An official complaint may deter the individual from exposing their malicious activities as they would hide until the heat subsides. Private investigators give you the advantage of being undetected yet can obtain elaborate evidence that can strengthen your case. The job of a private investigator is far complex than what it is portrayed in movies and TV shows as they have to possess an extensive skill-set to dig for the truth.

People are often confused about the services that a private investigator offers. We are discussing a few broad categories of services that can be procured from an experienced private investigator:

Extensive Research

Private investigators have far-fetched experience in scanning through records and jotting down crucial information that could build a strong case. Most of the research is conducted online these days but sometimes private investigators have to analyze heavy documentation from past cases. Private investigators have a knack for noticing anything out of the ordinary and then pursuing that possibility until they can obtain some dirt of the person being investigated.


Surveillance is one of the key skills of a private investigator as they have to often tailgate many perpetrators or a possible suspect without being noticed. Surveillance is crucial to determine if the person under investigation is actually who he pretends to be or has something to hide. Private investigators have to work odd hours mostly at night to collect tangible information about the suspect.

Evidence Collection

A case cannot hold in court if it lacks tangible evidence. Private investigators can be a great asset for you to build a strong case backed by the evidence collected by private investigators. They are very good at scouting possible items, invoices, and documents that can help the judiciary decide in your favor.

Conduct Background Checks

Private investigators are good at extracting information from people who know or have an association with the suspect under investigation. They can scoop out valuable information that can be cross-checked to confirm their identity, residence, nationality, active or previous criminal cases, and other crucial information.

Private investigators are good at amassing facts and credible evidence in the form of documents, witnesses, surveillance footage, etc to build a strong case against the suspect. Always ask for client testimonials before hiring a private investigator as it confirms their capabilities.

Tips to Find Best-Armed Guards for Your Private Security

Private security is reliable and efficient in safely shrouding you against all kinds of mishaps that may occur. Private security firms supply armed guards that are a level up from the manned guards and have a far-fetched experience in ensuring that no matter how troublesome the situation is, the client/business remains safe and sound.

The demand for armed guards has gone up as working people and high profile businessmen need to focus on their work and leaving their security in the hands of trained armed guards. If you are thinking of hiring armed guards to heighten your security measures, here are a few tips that can help you hire the best and filter the pretenders.

Licensed and bonded

Whenever hiring or interviewing a security firm for armed security guards, always ask for the license that they hold to perform security services. Check if their license is active or expired and confirm about their permissions that are granted by the state to provide the security services. Also, check for insurance to avoid any liability issues if something goes wrong.

Communication abilities

Armed security guards must be adept at communicating with different parties, individuals and authorities. An armed guard must not be confined to a single language and should have basic knowledge of multiple languages that come in handy when you are traveling out of the State. A good communicator can solve any problem without the need for the excessive force which is a sign of their adroitness at handling various situations.


Armed security guards are with you 24/7 and cost way more than a manned guard does. Therefore, it is important to understand the pricing tier of hiring single/multiple armed guards and their cost over time. Some security firms have pricing tiers based upon time duration and may offer discounts if you are looking for armed security guard services for a longer or indefinite period.


Be prompt in enquiring about the last clients that the security firm has served along with communication channels and their reviews of the security firm. Never believe in hearsay and always conduct a background check as it is a matter of utmost security.

Armed security guards are the best when it comes to handling dicey situations, close escapes, campus security, and safeguarding them against impending threats. They act as an impenetrable barrier to keep you safe until the authorities arrive.

Why Manned Guards are a Necessary Part of Security?

Installation of security measures including fencing, CCTV cameras, biometric authentication is all good but cannot function seamlessly without the presence of an authority figure such as manned guards. Manned guards are the first layers of security that ensure that only authorized personnel and items enter the compound of the building.

Here are a few reasons why manned guards are necessary for security:

Prompt Response and reporting

Manned guards are always on the lookout for any anomaly that may occur in the security system. They can immediately notice and report any flaw to higher management that can get it fixed as soon as possible. Moreover, manned guards aid the individuals who are allowed inside the premises to navigate through the area with ease. Often, the manned security has to work with authorities and have a clear picture of how to proceed after perpetrators have been caught.

Curbing criminal activity

When individuals with criminal intent try to devise a plan to enter the site, a manned security team deters their confidence as thieves and burglars avoid thoroughly secured sites. The presence of manned guards induces a physiological effect that the premises are reinforced with the best possible security. Manned guards are experts in observing anything unusual and come in handy to catch hold of anyone trying to escape after the alarm is raised.


Manned guards offer a sense of security to the people present inside the premises. They know that the guards are adept at taking care of any problem that could be troublesome for the business and the staff. Rather than worrying about the intrusion, the employees can safely work and give their best to grow your business. Manned guards hold ample experience in pacifying the people and making them feel secure and confident.

Security Management

Manned guards are proficient in overseeing the security measures installed inside your premises. They can manage any minor problems that may arise in these security systems and request maintenance whenever required. Most intrusions are executed at night and having a manned guard workforce active at night and monitoring the premises can save you from such mishaps.


As mentioned above, manned security is an indicator of a well-secured compound that is impenetrable without facing repercussions. Manned security helps you carry out your business during the day and have a peaceful sleep at night because you know that someone reliable is always looking after your security.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Patrols?

There are many instances in which mobile patrols can be advantageous, and they are often a more efficient and effective alternative to having a security guard stationed in one spot, or at several spots on-site. With a number of benefits, should you choose a mobile patrol to meet your security needs?


To help you answer that question, below are 5 of the top benefits of mobile patrols:

  1. They act as a more effective crime deterrent

All mobile patrols are made up of patrolling guards in uniforms, and often, they travel in marked cars, too. This makes them a lot more noticeable when they’re carrying out patrols, leaving criminals or anyone considering carry out unlawful activities, in no doubt as to whether they’d get away with it or not.


  1. Mobile patrols can carry out surveillance on more than one location

On foot, on bicycles or in cars and vans, mobile patrols can move around and check out more than one location and area, routinely monitoring them and making it virtually impossible for criminals to infiltrate their rotating patrols.


  1. They’re cost effective

In some instances, you might not need a permanent security guard, and may not be able to afford it, either. If you choose mobile patrols over a permanent guard, you can save money by choosing when you want additional protection and paying only for the security services you use.


Because a mobile patrol service can be allocated to watch over certain areas of your business (or home), you may be able to drastically reduce the expense associated with break-ins, thefts and vandalism, and if your business has been the target of criminal activity, you’ll know how costly these can be.


  1. Mobile patrolscan keep your employees safe

Able to double up as staff escorts, mobile patrols can keep your employees safe and protected as they travel to and from work, or on business related journeys in the area. This may be especially important in certain industries that may make your workers more vulnerable.


  1. Mobile patrols can respond quicky to emergencies

Mobile and able to reach various locations within minutes, if you sound the alarm, the security guards in a mobile patrol can be there and protecting you in next to no time, and may even reach you before the police do. With their training on fire safety, emergency evacuation planning and knowledge of health and safety strategies, they can keep you as safe as possible, no matter the threat or incident.


On the move and keeping local criminals on their toes, mobile patrols can offer you, your home and your business a unique brand of visible, cost-effective protection.

Why Armed Security Guards Are the Best Deterrent for Criminals

Having seen continuous and steady growth for many years now, the private security sector has been giving peace of mind to both individuals and organizations, helping to protect them against all manner of criminals with varying degrees of intent. With many private security companies in existence throughout the states, finding the right one can be tricky given the amount of choice, while deciding whether to hire unarmed or unarmed security guards can be an even more difficult choice to make. Your decision will ultimately depend upon two main factors: your budget and your needs, but one is often dependent on the other. For example, if you’re involved in a high-risk industry or perform a role or hold a title that by its nature makes you more vulnerable to criminal acts, then it’s surely worth allocating more of your budget to protecting yourself in the form of armed security guards.

While armed security guards inevitably cost more, the level of protection they offer is superior, and below are three of the most popular reasons to choose this particular service to protect yourself, your family, your business, your customers and your employees:

Armed security guards are highly trained

While both unarmed and armed security guards receive the same initial training, the latter undergo more extensive training before they’re fully qualified to fulfil the role, making them exceptionally skilled at what they do. Trained to use their weapons should they need to, armed guards are the ultimate in protection, and can ably disarm criminals with speed.

Detailed background checks are carried out on armed security guards

Background checks are essential for employees in many industries, and private security services are no exception. While applying for a permit to carry a weapon, armed security guards are fingerprinted and investigated by the FBI to make sure they meet all the legal requirements before a license to carry a weapon is issued to them. This, along with a detailed background check from the security company, ensures each armed guard has been double checked before their employment commences, meaning you can fully trust them to concentrate on your security needs.

Armed security guards are the best form of deterrent

There’s no better way to protect yourself than by having a security guard standing outside your door or accompanying you wherever you go, and if they’re armed and able to effectively diffuse a criminal attack, so much the better. Criminals will think not once, but twice or even thrice before attempting to infiltrate a building with an armed guard positioned outside, and would be extremely reticent to try and attack an individual being protected in such a way. To this end, armed security guards are the ultimate deterrent for all kinds of criminals, with few willing to risk their lives to carry out a criminal act. While there is certainly a time and a place for unarmed security guards, you will always receive the highest level of protection from armed security guards, making them the best choice if you have genuine concerns about safety and security.

How To Choose The Best Security Service

Your business is certainly worth protecting, and by hiring security services, you can do your level best to ensure that everything and everyone at your business, is kept as safe as possible, at all times. But choosing the best security services isn’t always straightforward, and you may not even be sure what exactly you should look for in a good one. With this in mind, below are some simple questions to ask when trying to find the best security guard firm for your needs:

  • Are they experienced enough?

Experience is essential in the security services industry, and while it’s true to say that every company and/or individual has to start somewhere, when it comes to security, you don’t want to employ a novice security guard or work with a firm who have only just started up. The more experience a security firm has, the better equipped they’ll be to handle all of your needs effectively.

  • Do they have commercial training?

To give your business the highest level of protection it deserves, you’ll need to use the services of a security company who are specifically trained to take care of commercial enterprises, including their mobile patrols.

  • Are the armed security guards accountable at all times?

With technology such as GPS tracking, security companies can check the location of their security personnel at all times, giving you peace of mind that they’re always where they should be and are working hard to protect your business, around the clock.

  • Can they provide you with references?

If the answer to this question is a flat no, or they’re unwilling to give you references for some reason, steer clear of this particular security guard service and look elsewhere. You need to be able to check and verify a company’s credentials before you start working with them, especially when it involves the security of your business, and if you’re not able to do this, how can you be sure they are who they say they are, and that they’re capable of offering the best level of protection?

  • Do they seem knowledgeable enough?

You need to hire security services that really know their industry inside and out, and who can help answer your questions or allay your concerns swiftly, accurately and with confidence. If the company you’ve chosen communicate well with you and leave you feeling confident that they know what they’re doing, you might have found the right security guard firm for your needs. When it comes to hiring security services to protect your business, no matter what industry you’re involved in or what products or services you’re offering, you want the best and most reliable level of protection you can afford. Fortunately, there are plenty of reputable security services operating throughout the U.S. today, so provided you ask the right questions, and get the answers you’re happy with, you should be able to keep your business well protected at all times.